We at AARPAN, take the pride to warm heartedly welcome you to the Best Institute in Indian regions for UG- NEET/IIT-JEE preparation. We stand here with an experience of shaping the career and life of more than 4500 successful medical/engineeringl aspirants. Since 2014, AARPAN is guiding the students to achieve their dreams. Institute’s efforts and the style of teaching is now famous in all over INDIA. Here at AARPAN, we firmly believe “Education is not learning of fact, But training the mind to Think” .

We precisely follow the unique strategies in our educational process, and ensure that each and every student enjoy to learn and acquire the syllable knowledge along with learnings for life. We focus on making the line thinner between the students and syllabus to give confidence to bridge across this line towards academic success. We continuously follow and try to evolve the simplest techniques that allow students to learn more in less time, to remember for longer time period. We treat students friendly and are always ready to help them for career and learnings.


As an UG- NEET/IIT-JEE Coaching Institute, AARPAN has a mission of developing and training Medical/Engineering Aspirants so that they have the confidence not only of getting admission to preferred medical/engineering college but also to top in the medical/engineering college after admission. We at AARPAN take care that these future doctors/engineer are crystal clear about advanced concepts through basic ground level understanding of each and every topic we teach them. We are already having a good ratio of conversions for Medical/Engineering Colleges from our Institute. We have the Mission of creating more and more doctors/engineers from our Institute, and we are proud that the number of doctors/engineers from our institute are increasing multiple times every year.


We are a Best Coaching Institute for UG- NEET/IIT-JEE and other competitive exam, and our Vision is not only to produce excellent doctors/engineers with excellent marks and knowledge about the Subject but also take care that these doctors/engineers are mentally and ethically more strong and have the vision to serve the society for betterment not only related to health and services but by various social means. We always focus on our students for developing positive attitude towards own life and our society along with the Knowledge of Subject.
AARPAN is always aligned to its vision of giving good doctors/engineers to society who will take care of Society’s Health and its social health.

About AARPAN Team

AARPAN Team is well known for it’s teaching styles and friendly approach towards the students. Staff at AARPAN have high intellectual thinking and a higher vision for students and society where we live. The team is always busy doing something more innovative and result oriented for students and society.

AARPAN is proud to trained the students and helping them in achieving their dreams. Team’s leadership quality and good decisions have always helped the students to be successful in their career and life. AARPAN Team’s commitment towards their vision is what inspires the students so that they can succeed in their career and life.

Founder’s Message

Welcome to AARPAN, the best institute for UG- NEET/IIT-JEE Career. Our students enroll with us for a variety of compelling reasons—both career and their life. They enjoy and benefit from a wealth of stimulating educational experiences within our classrooms. As is the history of AARPAN to produce excellent results, AARPAN is always ready to improve the results by refining teaching styles according to “AARPAN Pattern”. AARPAN has also developed the infrastructure that makes the students more focused towards study such as attendance system, comfortable sitting arrangement, etc.

AARPAN is committed to help students by all means to move towards success.

Mr Ashok Kumar

CO-Founder & Managing Director

Ms. Ankita Sahu, an educationist with a vision to build a harmonious society and one who is empowered by ‘Quality Education’ is an MBA alumnus, armed with decade of experience and proficiency. He is an expert in the field of Management and in preparing the students for various competitive exams. His experience coupled with impactful results of the institute makes her a preferred choice among the aspirants. Ms. Ankita, is a distinguished professional who believes that education is the stepping stone to success of each student, as well as the nation at large. Her strategies, planning and execution helps her handle the expansion and management of the institute. Ms. Ankita’s business acumen topped with financial expertise and professional network, brings glory to the success of the institute. Her innovation in the education industry has transformed the fundamentals in an innovative and efficient way. The incredible contribution she has made in running business operations, has made her a renowned business leader.

Ms. Ankita A. Sahu (MBA in Economics)

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